Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting

When your garage door suddenly stops its operation, you may struggle in thinking for solutions. This happens when you have no idea about garage door opener troubleshooting.

By simply having a bit background of the typical garage opener issues, you can determine what type of repair service you will need. Thus, as you call for a garage door opener repair service provider, you can quickly explain your situation to them. Here, you will learn the common problems you will face with your garage door opener.

  • Inability to operate with wall switch or remote

This kind of garage door opener issue simply means that your source may be disrupted. Here, you have to ensure that your motor unit was properly plugged in. Also, you can examine the fuse, circuit breaker or GFCI.

  • Inability to open and close with the use of a remote controlGarage Door Opener Troubleshooting

There are instances that you may find it hard to open or close your garage door even when using remote control. You can easily solve this by moving closer to your door and ensure that motor unit’s antenna is hanging down. In case that your door goes well with your wall switch, you can simply replace the battery of the remote or even reprogram your remote.

  • Inability to completely open

In an instance that your garage door cannot completely open, you need to move the limit switch towards the motor unit.

  • Intermittently work

An intermittent issue can stop your garage door opener from reacting to the signal coming from the remote. For you to test the problem, you can trigger your remote while standing near the motor unit. If your door consistently opens from that distance, interference is the problem. Here, you will need to determine the source of interference and turn it off or move it.

  • Reversing on its own

If your garage door is only traveling down by an inch, the 2 safety censors may be not properly aligned or something is blocking the beam.

  • Produces noise

If you hear your garage door rumbles or rattles, you need to tighten the loose parts or replace the broken hardware. Another, you can examine the trolley alignment found at the garage door opener. As you fix the alignment, you have to tighten the hardware.

  • Requires for preventive maintenance

Regular maintenance is needed in order to keep garage door opener functional and free from any problems. This will help you discover damages ahead of time before they can completely affect the operations.

When you examine your garage door opener, you have to identify whether your garage door smoothly opens or closes. Next, you should tighten the brackets and the fasteners. You also need to test the safety sensors of your opener and examine the force limits and travel limits. This way, you are sure that your garage door opener will be far from operation dilemmas.

For a professional approach in dealing with garage door opener troubleshooting, you can rely on Expert Garage Door Repair in Phoenix. They have the best knowledge and skills in providing outstanding garage door repair services. You can count on their efficacy and affordable services.

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