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Springs have a limited life of 7-8 years but they can break within 3-4 years.  You need to replace broken springs to avoid any accident or inconvenience.  Springs support the weight of the door while opening and closing. Depending on the type of your garage door, it may have one, two or more springs. Don’t try spring repair at home as you risk injury. Broken springs replacement needs professionals like Broken Springs Repair Phoenix who have team of experts trained to do such dangerous jobs.

Quality replacement of broken springs

Broken Springs Repair Phoenix can replace both springs (extension and torsion) of your garage door system. We only use high-quality springs from reputed manufacturers that will provide you problem free service for years to come.

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  • Garage Door Opener Repairs

Garage Door opener is an important part of your garage door system. if your garage door is not opening properly, the problem might be with garage door opener or springs.  Broken Springs Repair Phoenix can fix any garage door opener regardless of the brand and where you bought it.

  • New Garage Doors

New Garage doors can beautify your home. We offer the widest range of garage door styles of all sizes; traditional, contemporary, carriage house and many more at lower rates than our competitors.

  • Broken Cables

Cables connect to the pulley system and help in moving the garage door while opening and closing. If the cables are broken, your garage door will not function. We can repair broken cables on the same day. Call Broken Springs Repair Phoenix to experience our efficient service.

  • Circuit Board Replacement

Circuit boards supply power to garage door system. They get damaged with time and you need to replace them. Broken Springs Repair Phoenix undertakes circuit board replacement on an emergency basis and fixes the problem on the same day.

your neighbor garage door expert

At Broken Springs Repair Phoenix we do more than broken springs repair. We have a team of well trained, licensed, experienced professionals who know their work and will carry out the garage door repair work to your satisfaction. We offer a guarantee on all replacement parts.  Our mission is to make our customers happy with prompt service at the lowest rate.  We get our new clients from word of mouth publicity done by our long list of happy customers.  Your best garage door service is just a call away; call Broken Springs Repair Phoenix now.